SCOR: The Supply Chain Optimization & Resilience Research Group

Dear change agents/page members

We are pleased to announce the launch of SCOR, A new group under the umbrella of IOT.

SCOR stands for Supply Chain Optimization & Resilience. It aims to play a crucial role in enhancing current supply chain maturity and practices in Sudan.

With same vision and mission of IoT, SCOR tends to create a trusted think tank, specialized in supply chain management, and dedicated on delivering mentorship sessions and consultancies as well as to act as SME in projects for academic students and business firms. Its main focus on logistics, warehousing and procurement across several industries such as agriculture, manufacturing, mining, oil & gas and trading.

Ahmed Nasr of IOT will be managing the SCOR Group, he has worked on couple of interesting supply chain projects and researches in Sudan and UAE. As part of this newly established group, Ahmed is going to manage the resources and relations of SCOR as group head.

He is looking forward to form an advisory board of three members who are going to be responsible of setting the high level objectives, designing the work plan and the shaping the detailed strategy of SCOR.
Feel free to send your resume to:  if this meets your interest and capabilities. Please mention “SCOR Applicant” in the subject line.


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